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A Committed Peer Group of 3

Meet 2 founder friends at your level on LearningLoop regardless of your physical location, become each other's confidants.

Maximum rigor.
Highest quality, highest quantity insights often come from non-competing founders with a similar or slightly higher MRR.
Minimum cognitive load.
LearningLoop forms this high-leverage relationship for you and makes it easy for you to maintain and develop it.
Functional & emotional support.
Some weeks, your peer groups help you sense check your most consequential decisions. Some other weeks, you can rant to each other without judgement.
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An Introspective & Intentional Pod of 30

Join a cohort of 30 other tech startup founders whose startups generate 4-7 figure annual recurring revenue (ARR), maximize luck.

Continuous curation.
Your concerns and availability changes as your revenu/usage grows. We actively our community to make sure members are exposed to the best set of members in their pod of 30.
Everyone on LearningLoop is a verified founder. We never share your data with third parties, and our pods have a strong culture of privacy that members uphold and self-police.
Active members.
The quality of the founders on LearningLoop and consequently the quality of the discourse is so high that members are active weekly in the community. Same-day responses are common.

Built for the ambitious

Members have raised & generated $100M+ over the past 2 years, and obsess about growth weekly



Members report multiple benefits to their peer groups and the overall community

Continuous learning

Your outlet to continuously learn and improve in confidential setting

Place to work "on" your business

Your time and place to work "on" vs. "in" your business regularly

Friendships for life

Your place to build lifelong friendships and networks with other CEOs that enrich both your professional and personal lives

Hard-won knowledge

Hard-won lessons and experience of other founders and leaders

Your unknown unknowns

Exposure to new ways of doing things and questions you're not asking that you should be

Honest advice & feedback

Receive honest advice and feedback from peers who have no conflict of interest

Founders love LL

Highest quality, highest quantity insights often come from non-competing peers

“I paid to join Learning Loop because it's one of the best channels for maximizing luck in meeting and getting introduced to people that will change my course and make a difference to my founder journey. ‍ Working hard needs to be combined with creating luck - Learning Loop is one of the best channels to maximize that.”

Ty LertwichaiworawitWeGoWhere

“Learning Loop is a great way to build a learning network with fellow founders. Learning with and alongside your peers is a powerful way to grow together.”

Co-founder & CEO, FairMart

“I have been a member of Learning Loop for the past few months and it has been a fantastic experience. There are a few things that are just so special about Learning Loop compared to other founder communities that I am a part of: - Accountability to be active: ppl do share and engage on a regular basis, beyond just a Whatsapp text group. Those relationships and the value they bring compound over time - Vulnerability as a core value: most ppl are very open to sharing all parts of the founder journey - as more sharing leads to quicker iterative process of learning. No one is judging, everyone is there to help - Curated community: I can tell that Sina puts in a lot of time in evaluating each person who joins - everyone is very thoughtful, intentional and always learning”

Co-founder & CEO, BlueJay Finance

“I've joined some pretty great founder communities, but Learning Loop is by far the best and most helpful. Everyone here has their own unique stories and they're not shy about sharing their real, unfiltered journeys. I've already told my founder friends they've got to check out Learning Loop – the residency program is absolutely one-of-a-kind in Asia. Absolutely love it here!”

Co-founder & CEO, Wonderchat

“Being a part of Learning Loop is like having a backstage pass to the greatest startup show on earth. It's this incredible place where we, as founders, share, learn, and fuel each other's ambition. I'm constantly amazed by the wealth of knowledge within this community, and it's hands down the best asset I didn't know I needed for my startup journey. Founders find value in spending time with other founders, and Learning Loop is THE way to make sure this happens for you.”

Co-founder & CEO, Replyr

“Highly recommend learning loop to founders who want to stress test their mental models, and learn from the mental models of other highly competent tech founders. The result is a higher probability of reaching PMF faster, and reaching 6 figure ARR with others who are striving to reach the same. You'll have an aha moment once you have your first meetup with your founder cohort, specially curated to your sector, stage of company, and the hardest problems that you're currently solving. Ultra bullish on Sina, and team :)”

Co-founder & CTO, HawkSight

“I have been part of the Learning Loop community for the past 5 months and it has been one of the best and highly engaged community of founders willing to help, support and uplift each other. I will highly recommend founders looking for their tribe to give this one a try!”

“Love Learning Loop, it is really helpful. Especially the supportive spirit of it all and the super high quality / standard (hate the terms when used about people but hope you get the gist!) of the community and its members.”

“Been a part of Learning loop over the past year, it is a wonderful communities for founders. Sina has done a great job curating a super helpful group of founders who help each other always.”

Founder & CEO, Betafi